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The Plume Health Anti Snoring Kit is a reusable snoring solution

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  • Breathe Better

    Scientifically  designed to open up airways, allowing the increased airflow to help you breath better

  • Get a Good Nights Sleep!

    Feel refreshed in the morning!
    No more sleeping on the couch!

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    If you don't have success, simply message us within 30 days and we will refund you upon return.

  • Covers:

  • Why do I snore?

  • Natural ways to stop snoring

  • Natural ways to improve sleep


Ultimate Bundle

Not sure which device is for you? Our kit comes with the two most effective, highest quality anti snoring devices currently on the market, allowing you to try variations and find the best solution for you.

Set of 4 Nose Vents + Travel Case

Our snore stopper vents are scientifically designed to dilate your nostrils using super soft silicone (BPA free) to increase airflow. The increased airflow will encourage natural breathing through the nose, and assist in preventing mouth breathing. We’ve included a travel case and 4 different sizes ensuring it is the most comfortable nasal dilator in the market.


Comfortable, Fully Adjustable Chin Strap

Made from highly durable, breathable plush neoprene, this device may be beneficial to those who unconsciously breath through their mouth, or those with additional tissue surrounding jaw/throat. It compresses the excess tissue, allowing airways to open more freely.

E-Book Included

A comprehensive e-book which will help identify the causes of snoring, helping you mitigate or eliminate your snoring. It includes instructions for the proper use and maintenance of the devices with diagrams & pictures, as well as many tips for naturally treating snoring, & tips for better quality sleep.



  • Covers:

  • Why do I snore?

  • Natural ways to stop snoring

  • Natural ways to improve sleep

Website Testimonial Gavin M Sydney

"Amazing! Best sleep I've had in years. Finally the wife doesn't kick me awake when I snore, no more nights on the couch!"

Gavin M

Sydney, Australia

 "I used the vents for the first time and they've been so helpful! Breathing is really easy with them. The ebook has been great too, heaps of great tips in there."

Jessica L

Massachusetts, USA

 "I felt like my breathing was pretty comfortable all night; girlfriend didn't complain, so I guess it's a win!"

Kevin Nguyen

California, USA